Late Bloomer

by Late Bloomer

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released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Late Bloomer Peoria, Arizona

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Track Name: Looking At A Guest
Longing awaits
Let it be your guide

Grace is needed to stay adrift
A grain of smoke draws your eyes

A guest looking at a guest
Breathing that sweet breath
Let it be your guide

I am in Kyoto
Yet at the sound of the bird
Longing for Kyoto
Track Name: Common Intellect
I knew from first glance that your draw was only just skin deep
And yet I couldn't stop from looking

Those deep pools of mud through the glass seemed a rich earth to plant my feet
Something was awry
Track Name: Loper
Oh, I've been lying to myself
Doing what she does
Tied down by the black scuzz
Of a brother turned on you

The hot dense nights
The vapid days

Burning morals in weeks
What to me were empty eons
Struggling to stay adrift
In a sea of self-destructive comforts
But I boiled my egg

And I ran some days
Retreading the sounds of summer's awns
Searching for something I once saw
Trying to claim the young spirit of someone who hoped he could stop the lies

I, I sat alone
Trying to please myself
But only able to see
Her in your arms
In her bed
Track Name: Wendigo
The hours drag on
I blink a week goes by
I sleep for years in one night

I'm so tired, I'm so tired

The time, the time

The time won't stop
My head won't shut up
The memory of you won't give up
But I don't trust myself anymore
Track Name: Host
Tired and spent
Been six months since
I thought things were getting better

You held me fast
In your small hands
Gripped too hard, now there's blood on them

Hard times fought
Lessons unsought

I've been trying
To play it right
It's a trial, like I'm the liar

You cut my wrists
Bled me like a fish
Left me to die
Now you want me to say hi?
Your fucked up ways
Your tendrils strayed
Please, leave him out of this

Your twilight stain
A disdain for rain
Track Name: Heart
O, the love I spurned..
And the pain I deserved..
I try to wear it as a scar so never will I be as far gone as those days.

And the blows I never thought would land..
The ones I thought would be delivered by some other hand..
The shame and the guilt and my selfishness..
Never again my dear friend, never again.

And as I strive for the balance to live this life that's not mine to live
I hold the deepest respect and thanks for your heart
Track Name: Unsure
I feel unsure of all of it
Of all of it

Take me away

I will get me what I want
I will get me what I need
I will get me what I want
I will get me what I need, what I need